3 little words can be such a difference maker. . .

Schedules, lists, planning, calendars; these are not about being Type A (although those who don’t do them find amusement through that accusation).  They are about reducing stress and being happier.  Really, schedules make you happier?  Lists reduce stress?  Yes,  absolutely!!!
Here’s the morning self talk without planning

Maybe I can hit snooze one more time, and maybe one more time. Now, is the right time to get up.  What do I need to do today?  I guess I’ll get my workout in after work since I didn’t get up this morning.” 
Later that day…
I don’t feel like cooking.  Let’s go out.  I guess I’ll get my workout in tomorrow.”
Tomorrow, repeat.
Weekend, “I don’t know why these jeans don’t fit.”
Hmm, sound familiar?
Here’s the story with planning
“Time to get up.  There’s a 5 mile run on my schedule today. Bring it!!!!”
Later in the day self talk
I can do anything.  I started my day out with an awesome run and now I am ready.  Bring it!!!!”
Tomorrow, repeat
Weekend,  “Look at how good these jeans fit – sweet!”
Find a system that works for you.  I love my Outlook calendar, but a notebook or sticky notes work just fine too.  It doesn’t have to be formal or fancy.  Put your goals in writing to help you stick to them and don’t worry about all you have to do tomorrow because you put it off today.
July’s training schedule can be found here:  Fall Marathon Prep Month 2

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