Tone of the leader tone of the team.  When you are the boss people look to you to see how to act.  If you are grumpy they will be more inclined to be so too.  If you are upbeat and make work fun so will your followers. You can’t ever let your guard down even when things are tough.  How employees feel about their direct supervisor is tied to how they feel about the company they work for.  Bad boss = bad company to work for.  Good boss = good company to work for.  This goes for when you are at home too.  Your kids are picking up on how you act and react to everything.  I’ll never forget the sting when my daughter said “mommy I am impatient like you.”  Ouch!  If you want positive happy kids it starts with you. Here’s a great link to a Harvard Business blog  Who has a really bad boss or good boss out there and how does/did it make you feel about work?

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