Kermit Juice

This is a recipe for a smoothie so we use our Vitamix blender to make it.  I wanted to call it “Kermit in a Blender”, but my family talked me out of it.  Just wait, when I come up with a recipe that comes out of the blender green and red it already has a name.

1 c water
1 lime wedge
1 orange – peel cut off
1/2 banana
1 1/2 inch slice of pineapple skin removed
1 large handful baby spinach
1 small handful baby kale (frozen chopped can be used)
1 generous squirt blue agave
1 1/2 cups ice

Makes 4 large servings
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Tip: when my bananas start to get brown I don’t pitch them.  I throw them in a plastic bag and freeze them to use for smoothies.

Benefits:  this smoothie is packed with vitamins and minerals and tastes incredible.  Most of your daily requirements for vitamins A and C are covered and the drink contains vitamin B6.  Pineapple, kale and spinach will provide you with a good dose of iron and magnesium. The juice is also a great source of potassium.

I didn’t know all of the benefits packed into a pineapple.  The manganese found in it promotes the metabolism of amino acids, cholesterol and carbohydrates.  Here are 7 more benefits.


Harry Potter Booger Juice

Mornings at our house are super busy and difficult to manage.  Who am I kidding?  Mornings, afternoons and evenings are tough.  This one will eat this.  This one won’t eat that.  Did our daughter eat breakfast before she left?  You can’t wear shorts it’s 30 below zero!!!  You can’t eat cake for breakfast!  Yes, you can eat cake for breakfast – but not JUST cake.

Try to balance nutrition in between this all – are you kidding me?  Here’s a juice recipe I made up a few weeks ago.  It has every vital nutritional color represented which makes for a disgusting green sludge when it’s all mixed up.  Despite the gross look it is delicious and you don’t have to worry if your kids (or hubby or you) won’t eat another fruit or veggie that day.  Pair this with some form protein, say an egg or lowfat cheese and you are good to go.

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1 cup purple grapes ( I know they call them red in the store, but look at them.  They are purple.)
1 peeled orange
1 banana
8 strawberries (they must be fresh, not frozen)
1 large handful baby carrots
1 giant handful baby spinach

Blend all of the above ingredients in a mixer to make room

Add 1 cup ice

Blend again until smooth

How to Get Rid of Pesky Fruit Flies.

The worst thing you can do with fresh produce from the farmers market is refrigerate it.  Everything about it being fresh picked today is diminished by the process, but what do you do to keep the pesky fruit flies away?

I can’t figure out how to keep them out of my house, but I did learn this little trick.

Take a small bowl and put cider vinegar or red wine vinegar in it.
Cover with Saran wrap and poke with very small (fruit fly sized) holes.
Place on your counter.

The pests can get in, but they can’t find their way back out.  It’s somewhat unpleasant, but beats the alternative.

Farmers Market Delight, Zucchini

So much zucchini, but what to do with it?  Fried zucchini?  Delightful, but fried.  Grilled zuke? Awesome, but I am grilled out.  Zucchini fritters?  My mom makes the best so why even try to top perfection.

Here’s a super easy, equally impressive zucchini recipe.
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2 large farmers market zucchini (or home grown.  I am still waiting for mine)
1/3 cup freshly grated Italian cheese
2/3 cup Panko bread crumbs
salt (light on the salt, especially if your cheese is salty)
garlic powder
freshly ground black pepper
olive oil

Heat oven to 400.  Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

Mix the cheese bread crumbs and spices in a mixing bowl.
Slice the zucchini into 1/4-1/2″ rounds
Sprinkle both sides of the zucchini with olive oil
Dredge the zuke through your breadcrumb mix.  Pat on to get more to stick
Line your cookie sheet with zucchini and bake for 40 minutes.

Serve hot or at room temperature.
You can also serve with a side of red sauce for dunking or make a fresh tomato topping to serve like bruschetta.

Happy eats!

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