List Your Home Stress Free. The 80% Rule

OK, admittedly I am very type A. The reason we have lived in our current home longer than I have lived anywhere else is mostly due to the overwhelming thoughts of listing our home.

We have a son.
His booger collection was prominently displayed on the wall by his bed.
We have a dog.
She is brown and white like a cow, but behaves like a goat.  She has eaten everything within reach.
Even a razor.
We have a teenager.
Enough said.

Getting our home ready – no problem.  Keeping it ready – problem.

Working on our long list of to-do’s to get our house listed, my husband proclaimed “honey, it just needs to be 80%”
OK? 80%?
Doesn’t he know who he is dealing with?

That week I commented on a project my daughter and I were working on together.  I must have been too critical.  She bounced back quickly with, “apparently my 80% is different than your 80%”.  Hmm.  I must still not get this 80% thing.

That’s when it hit me.  It’s a choice.  Just like they say “choose to be happy” I was now going to choose to be 80%.  How? My new mantra . . .
“It’s not my house.”

Potential buyers will repaint anyway. “It’s not my house.”
Potential buyers will not have a magnifying glass  “It’s not my house.”
or a white glove  “It’s not my house.”
or face plant your carpeting “It’s not my house.”
They will not appreciate how much you spend on light switch covers, blind hooks, toilet paper holders, shelf liner.

Potential buyers want:  a great floor plan, neutral decor, nice sized closets, updated features, new appliances, little maintenance.  A clean home.

If you want to move, but are stressing over listing your home.  Adopt my mantra,  “It’s not my house.”  It will help keep your costs and labor down and your blood pressure too.

If you or anyone you know wants a beautiful home in Brighton, Michigan.  A great town with awesome schools and apparently more liquor licenses per capita than any other city in Michigan except Grand Rapids.

Check out this link . . . .

Look at how great the Realtor photos look, let’s not move.  “It’s not my house.”

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