Brown Pow, Antioxidant Smoothie

I am blessed to have an artist for a husband whose creativity carries over into the kitchen.  He whipped up this amazing smoothie for us this morning.  The color was not very attractive, but if you close your eyes it’s extremely yummy.  Our 9 year old won’t eat most vegetables without a fight.  This recipe is great for kids, like him, who won’t eat their veggies.  Even the pickiest eaters won’t detect that the spinach is in there.

1/2 c water
1 banana
1 1/2 slice pineapple
1 lime peeled
1 orange peeled
1 handful baby spinach
1 handful frozen cherries (they make it the beautiful brown sludgie color)
1 c ice
1 super generous squeeze agave (gotta tame the lime)

Surf and Turf, A Delicious and Nutritious Smoothie Recipe

Our kids in the ocean with a shark, Jamaica

Spring break to Jamaica was one of my family’s favorite vacations.  The weather – perfect; the pool –
perfect; the beach – rocky, but perfect; the food – amazing; swimming with the dolphins – unforgettable!  Our all inclusive resort had fresh fruit at every meal.  Dinner had a fruit carving station.
Pineapple, mango, and native fruits we have never had before, and don’t know the names of, were plentiful in supply.  No mango will ever compare to the super fresh ones we tasted on this trip.  And now, every time we have really fresh fruit my daughter says “this reminds me of Jamaica” and smiles.

This smoothie recipe we prepared in our Vitamix blender and will make you feel like you are somewhere tropical.

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1 cup water
2 inch slice of pineapple
1 banana
1 orange peeled
1/2 small lime with 1/2 of the peel removed
1 small cucumber (they call them “cute cucumbers” at Costco or 1/3 cup cucumber)
1/2 cup flat leaf parsley (hence the turf)
1 cup ice

Vampire Venom, An Antioxidant Rich Smoothie

This morning we decided to create a new concoction in our Vitamix mixer.  I had the last bit of a pineapple to use, but I wanted to try something different than Kermit Juice.  I asked my 9 year old what color should it end up.  Begin with the end in mind, right?  He shouted out “red”. OK, red it is.

1 c water
1 1/2 slice of pineapple, skin removed
1 c purple grapes
10 strawberries
1/2 apple
1 c baby carrots
1/4 c sweet pickled beets
1 generous squeeze agave
1 c ice
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Kermit Juice

This is a recipe for a smoothie so we use our Vitamix blender to make it.  I wanted to call it “Kermit in a Blender”, but my family talked me out of it.  Just wait, when I come up with a recipe that comes out of the blender green and red it already has a name.

1 c water
1 lime wedge
1 orange – peel cut off
1/2 banana
1 1/2 inch slice of pineapple skin removed
1 large handful baby spinach
1 small handful baby kale (frozen chopped can be used)
1 generous squirt blue agave
1 1/2 cups ice

Makes 4 large servings
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Tip: when my bananas start to get brown I don’t pitch them.  I throw them in a plastic bag and freeze them to use for smoothies.

Benefits:  this smoothie is packed with vitamins and minerals and tastes incredible.  Most of your daily requirements for vitamins A and C are covered and the drink contains vitamin B6.  Pineapple, kale and spinach will provide you with a good dose of iron and magnesium. The juice is also a great source of potassium.

I didn’t know all of the benefits packed into a pineapple.  The manganese found in it promotes the metabolism of amino acids, cholesterol and carbohydrates.  Here are 7 more benefits.


Pinklicious Power Juice


We spend most of our time in the kitchen.  Cooking, hanging out, talking, bonding as a family. I am lucky to have grown up in an Italian family of great cooks and even luckier to have married a man who loves cooking.  Food has a way of bringing us together.

Since mornings are crazy busy and it’s tough to make sure that everyone starts the day right, two of my favorite kitchen items are our Vitamix blender and our Breville juicer.  The first makes amazing smoothies, like my famous Harry Potter Booger Juice, dips, sauces, and even hot soup.  It’s the bomb.  Easy to use and super easy to clean.  The juicer is equally easy – you put the apples in whole – and it makes amazing nutritious juice that everyone loves.  Here’s one of our favorites.  I find that there is nothing delicious about red delicious apples, but do not substitute them with other apples, these naturally sweeten the juice.

4 pink grapefruit peeled
4 red delicious apples

5%     potassium
2 g     protein
30 % vitamin A
72%  vitamin C
5%    vitamin B-6
4%    calcium
4%    iron

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