Everybody Wants to be Somebody

This post is for everyone out there who sends communications to people . . .Everybody wants to be somebody. 
In today’s environment of mass media marketing it’s nice when someone actually knows us. 
My husband’s name is Chris. 
It is not Christopher
or Christian,
just Chris. 
It is a family joke when a phone or mail
solicitation is addressed to Christopher.  The biggest laugh we had over this was when a women’s clothier he purchased gifts from added him to their mailing list as Christina.  Really?

How we are addressed allows us to instantly recognize if this person is in our inner circle – we will take the time to hear what you have to say – or not – you obviously don’t know me so I’m hanging up or deleting this email.
I just couldn’t resist . . .
In person I am just as picky.  Please no “Ma’am” or “folks” or “hi guys”.  Definitely no “kiddo”.  I realize that you probably don’t know my name (except with the people who use kiddo).  How about just “hello”. 
Do you have any pet peeves about how you are addressed?  Comment below.

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