Weekend Playlist 8.27.11

No child left inside this summer.  Get out and play.  If you are in southeast Michigan you must have noticed that the summer days are already starting to get shorter.  Enjoy them while you can.

Free (and almost free) things to do:

Go for a hike.  This will give the family a chance to be together, and experience something beautiful, while getting in a little exercise.  All you need is walking shoes and a water bottle.

Throw something.  Grab a football, baseball or frisbee and go outside for a game of catch.  It’s easy to do and you can burn up  to 200 calories per hour doing it.

“The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely the one who dropped it.”
-Lou Holtz

One of the absolute best cardio workouts you can get is from jumping rope.  It is a fun way to blast 10-20 calories per minute. Wow! 

What else can you do?
Take the dog for a walk.
Wash your car.
Swing on the swings at the playground.
Play tennis at the high school.
Rearrange your furniture.  Better yet, go buy new furniture at Art Van Furniture.  You can burn 400 calories per hour walking in our beautiful showrooms (yes, I work here), without burning a hole in your wallet.  This weekend starts our super Labor Day Sale.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

It’s finally CRIM weekend.  The CRIM offers walking and running events from 1-10 miles.

Pedal for Paws is a 10-35 mile biking event to support animal adoption.  The event takes place in Warren, MI this Saturday, August 27th.


October 2nd, The Brooksie Way.  This one is in Rochester and made the list for scenic fall runs.  We ran it in 2009 and it is definitely my most memorable finish line.  My husband and I lost each other at the beginning of the race, but I caught up to him at around mile 11.  Realizing that we could finish under 2:00 we held hands and booked it to the finish line crossing together at 1:58.
October 16th, Free Press Marathon.  We are signed up for this one making it our second appearance in Detroit.  There is also a marathon in Grand Rapids for the western side of the state on the same day

Huddle to Fight Hunger

Making a difference can be easy when great companies get behind great causes. You can make a difference just by clicking on the link below. Kraft is donating one meal for every click to their page or text. It won’t take much effort on your part, but it will make a big difference for someone.

Here is a copy of the email I received with the link. Since I live in Southeast Michigan it is directed to the local food bank near me, but this is a national program. Please click today. The program ends on January 9th.

Kraft Foods has teamed up with Feeding America and Gleaners for the HUDDLE TO FIGHT HUNGER!

What is “Huddle to Fight Hunger”? Huddle to Fight Hunger is Kraft Foods’ biggest-ever multi-brand integrated program. The program features many celebrities and the college football Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl game, all designed to help give Feeding America 20 million meals – or more – during this year’s football season.

How does Huddle to Fight Hunger work? The program features a number of ways to help Kraft Foods meet and exceed their 20 million meal donation goal.  Here are a few of the easy ways to help:

  • Go to www.HuddletoFightHunger.com, and click “Join the Huddle” (just one simple click!). When you do, Kraft Foods will donate one meal. It’s that easy: one person, one click, one meal donated to Gleaners.
  • Text the word “MEALS” and your zip code to 71717 – Kraft Foods will make a one meal donation to Gleaners for each text.
  • Play the Kraft Foods HUDDLE TO FIGHT HUNGER Game on Facebook! In the Fight Hunger Facebook Game, you pass the ball to a friend. For every pass thrown, Kraft Foods will donate 1 meal. If you and your friends can keep the drive alive for 4 passes, a touchdown will be scored and Kraft Foods will donate 7 bonus meals, for a total of 10!

As a member of the Feeding America network, Gleaners benefits from initiatives like this that raise awareness and funding for the important work we do every day. Millions of Americans are faced with food insecurity – and we’re working harder every day to assist individuals and their families right here in Southeast Michigan. It’s a daily challenge, and we are always looking for new ways to meet it head on – ways like the Huddle to Fight Hunger initiative!

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