Working Moms on the Run



Working Moms on the Run

There’s a little something for everyone here.

Working: trials and tribulations of a successful retail executive

Moms: mother of two learning how to parent every day

On the Run: from 5k to marathon.  If I can do it; you can!


Marathon Training While Traveling for Business

All is good; and then you get the call.  Pack your bags you're leaving town.  UGH! The dreadful business trip, but wait, I have a 16 mile training run scheduled this week . . . Two events occurred almost simultaneously Monday.  After much deliberation I decided to...

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Stick to Your Resolutions with Purposeful Enthusiasm

Two weeks into the new year and most of us will fall into one of these three groups 1.  Beast mode on.  Crushing your goal. 2.  Awesome goal set, but "squirrel" aren't the NFL playoffs on tonight. 3.  Definitely going to be a better you in 2019, but searching for the...

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6 Keys to Staying Hydrated

                                 Hydrate                                  Nutrate                         Poop                                  Run In the summer, planning out your run the day before is just as crucial as logging those miles.  I am a Weather Channel...

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Countdown to 2019 Chicago Marathon








It has to be fun!

One lesson I’ve learned in business, parenting, and running is that you just can’t take yourself too seriously.


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