Leadership is a transfer of beliefs.  That is why it is crucial your team needs these four words from you.  I believe in you.  When you believe in them, they begin to believe in themselves and amazing things happen.

“People imagine, and people believe; and it is that rock solid belief, that makes things happen.” – Neil Gaiman

“The fact is, you do not believe what you see, but rather, you see what you already believe. Your deeply held beliefs distort your worldview and cause you to see things not the way they are but the way you are.” Brian Tracy

The Wallet Thief

Yes, it’s still 2020.  The year where nothing is crazy because everything is crazy.  Our daughter graduated college and unfortunately did not get to walk with her classmates and our son turned 16 and couldn’t get his license because the DMV was closed.  Imagine all that excitement you had leading up until your sweet 16.  Counting down the days, planning where that first road trip will take you and the poof gone.  Yes, worse things have happened during the pandemic, but when you are 16 not being able to get your freedom is pretty tragic especially when you have your sights on a girl who is a senior and can drive and today things are different.

These kids do everything officially harder. When I was 16 if you went on a date and then went on a second date you were pretty much a couple.  Today, there has to be a plan.  Have you seen the promposals? So, my son plans to take her hiking for the day and when he finds the perfect romantic spot he will ask her to be his girlfriend.  The same kid who won’t take the extra effort to bend over and put the dish in the dishwasher instead of on the counter is going through this effort for a girl.

The two are at the park all day.  It was probably a very nice escape for them, except when my husband called to check in our son told him that his wallet was gone.  Now when you are 16 pretty much everything you own fits in a wallet.  He was devastated and when he got home there were a lot of accusations about the supposed wallet thief.  Someone lifted it out of my backpack, someone took it spiraling down into a dark negative place and I said Sean you have to believe that people are good.  No one wants to keep your wallet you will get it back.  It’s like a switch went off.  Instantly, he was telling himself a new story. A great person found my wallet and is trying to get it back to me.

What we believe about people is what we see in people.

What we believe about people is what we see in people.  If we want to see something more from people, we don’t go to them and say “I need this from you” – sometimes that is the answer, but first you have to check your beliefs about a person.  Do I believe that they are doing the best they can?  Do I believe they want to do a good job?  What am I seeing in this person that reflects my beliefs?

If you lead others now what do you believe about your team?

Do you believe they are lazy and cut corners?  How about this – millennials – poor millennials – what do you as a leader believe about this generation?  Do you have an employee who is habitually late?  What is your belief about that person and about their tardiness?

Belief in Others Sets Great Leaders Apart

As a leader, you’re responsible for getting work done through others.  What sets the best leaders apart is belief in people.  I’ve said before leadership is the transfer of beliefs.  You don’t need your team to know what you know or be able to do what you do.  You need your team to believe what you believe.  And again, this can be sports, this can be family, this can be salespeople.  Anywhere there is influence there is leadership.

When you believe in them that transfer of beliefs through leadership and influence gets them to believe in themselves. And when that happens you can achieve great things together.  Your team doesn’t “want” to hear these words, your team “NEEDS” these four words.  Give your people a reason to believe in themselves and watch them create meaningful, significant work.

How do you do it?  It’s starts with sharing.  Tell those you lead “I believe in you.”  It’s incredible what a few words of encouragement can do for your employees, and how far people will go when someone believes in them.  People rise to the occasion when they have someone that truly believes in them.

4 Truths About Belief in People

Keep in mind these 4 truths about leadership and believing in people.

  1. What you believe about people is what you get. If you want great people see them as great people.
  2. People you lead need you to believe in them. Words are what have power to transfer that belief.  Make sure they hear these 4 words “I believe in you.”
  3. You have the power inside you right now to take someone to a higher level. Right now.  Do not wait!
  4. There is no greater power and support you can give someone than to look them in the eye and say with sincerity, “I believe in you.”

“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we could be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible.” Anton Chekhov

– side note – the girl said yes, and the wallet was turned in.

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