The 10 Minute Challenge: Make Perfect Use of Your Time.

Reflecting back on the past couple of weeks we talked about the mindset of a leader.  Your mindset is your attitudes, beliefs and expectations and these are what drive your behaviors and your behaviors are what get you your results.  Simply put – if you want better results adopt a better mindset.

And we discussed that changing beliefs is hard because years and years of programming went into your current beliefs then we got to work on our habits – or the actions that fuel our results.

What actions?

Back to compounded interest theory.  Sure massive action may get us massive results, but is it sustainable?  Or is it even repeatable?  Small actions over time will build into massive results in a more sustainable way.  There are two buckets of habits you really need to look at

Bucket 1)  You can reach your goals by establishing new good habit or by building on the good habits you already have

Bucket 2)  And you can reach your goals by eliminating your bad habits.

So it’s not necessarily what are you going to start doing.  It may be what am I already doing that if I do more of I will attract more success or what am I doing now that if I stop doing will get me more in line with my goals and aspirations.

Today I’m going to share with you the most powerful habit to stop doing.  If you stop doing this right now.  Today! You will dramatically start to get different results in your life.  I love this one because it’s totally doable for everyone, you can start it immediately, and it requires no money just effort.  I also love it because it is a two-fer.  We are going to stop doing something today and replace it with something else so we will get two habits of the most successful leaders at once

Are you ready

This habit if you stop doing now – and I know that you are doing it.  I see it on your social media posts and its become worse since the current pandemic that we are experiencing.  Listen here and take the 10 minute challenge

Do the 10 minute challenge for 30 days and watch how much more productive your month has become.  You’ll have 300 minutes invested in your success.  An investment you are well worth!

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