Baby it’s cold outside and you are training for a 1/2 marathon in this cold weather.  Brrr!  For me, the worse the weather the more I feel like a badass.  In fact, this winter is no exception.  It’s been frigid!  Stay indoors and get those miles in on a treadmill, but if you prefer the outdoors here are some tips to make your outdoor training miles more bearable.

Cold Weather Running Tips
Protect your skin

Not just your exposed skin, all of your skin.  My first layer is always moisturizer.  Lubriderm all over, heavy lotion on my face, and Burt’s Bees on my lips.  It’s very windy where I train and I find that this first layer keeps the wind from cutting through to my bones.

Wear less than you need

This neck gaiter is my favorite cold weather accessory.

Definitely wear layers, but wear less than you think you need.  As your body temperature rises you don’t want to find yourself over dressed and a sweaty mess.  Plan for how you will handle removing layers on your run.  Where will you store the extra layers as you remove them and maintain mobility?

Do a drive by

Drive by your route to see what condition it is in.  If there is very deep snow or icy patches find a new route.  The last thing you want to do is find yourself injured weeks before your upcoming event.


Above all, stay hydrated. You may not feel hot and thirsty like when on a summer run, but in fact, it is just as important to stay hydrated on cold weather runs.  If your regular route has drinking fountains they are probably shut off during winter months; so plan ahead and BYOB.

Don’t let the cold weather put your plans of running a 1/2 marathon to a frigid halt.  Get out there and do this thing!

You got this.

You are a badass in training!

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