“Hey Type A girl, it’s just the driveway.  You don’t need to get all of the snow off.” 

What?  But, I am shoveling the driveway and my work is a reflection of me and did you see the neighbors driveway?  How about wanting to set a good example for our son who is making money shoveling snow?  Do we want to set the bar so low that we can’t look our neighbors in the eye this spring because our son saw mommy do a crappy job on the driveway and he felt that was how it should look when he was out working for real money?  Hey, he owes us a ton of dough for hacking our xbox live account and buying all of those games.  He needs to be the best snow shoveler in town or we’ll never see that money.

Type A isn’t the problem.  Wanting to do everything with excellence should be celebrated.  Mediocrity is the problem.  Do one job poorly and the world doesn’t come to an end so you put a little less attention into the next job and then the next and all of a sudden you aren’t performing at your best at anything.  Getting it back.  That is tough.  Never getting there by refusing to settle for mediocrity.  That is much easier. 

How many people today are making a New Year’s resolution to get back something they lost? 

  • get out of debt
  • get back to the gym
  • get a new career
  • lose 10 pounds
  • quit smoking

How did it start? We let one little detail slide and all of a sudden we wake up one day in debt or with a little pouch in our belly.  We all make choices.  If you don’t want to see both lanes in the driveway.  That’s ok.  Just don’t hate me because I am Type A.

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