I know, I know . . . who goes to an animated film and looks for the business lesson?  Me, me, me, me.  As a parent and as a business leader I could kiss the producers of these fabulous children’s movies.  They are captivating, entertaining, enjoyable for all ages, and, if you pay attention there are great lessons in them.

A Bug’s Life – never give up on your inventions.
Meet the Robinsons – never give up on yourself.
Even Shrek- look for the inner beauty.
Robots, is one of my all time favorites – “find a need; fill a need”.  Look for what the world needs, what is missing or needs to be complete and fill the need.  If we all looked for just one need to be filled, it can be as simple as picking up the little piece of trash instead of walking past it, imagine the sense of accomplishment we would all carry with us.

We decided to start a new tradition this Christmas and we joined millions of people at the movie theater.  Who knew so many people enjoyed movies Christmas day and where were the Walmart people screaming that theater employees have to work on the holiday (we’ll save that for another discussion).

We chose Rise of the Guardians.

Super movie with two great lessons.  Earlier this week I posted that one step to reaching your goals is to find your “why”.  Your purpose for wanting to achieve your goal. In the movie each of the Guardians is driven to keep doing what they do by their why.  North, who we would call Santa Claus, is driven by wonder. He is trying to convince Jack Frost that he is destined to be a Guardian and urges him to search for his why so that he can understand his destiny.  Jon Gordon recently published a book “One Word That Will Change Your Life”.  If you can get your “why” described in one word you will find more success in achieving your goals.  With business goals, financial goals, fitness goals, personal goals; you will find it to be easier to stick to your plan if you are driven by your one word.

Here was the second lesson.  This one really struck me.  In the clip from the movie attached you see a brief moment when the guardians face a child.  Their job, their purpose, is to protect all children on Earth yet when they meet this little girl they don’t know what to do with her.  They have found that they were so busy working for the children that they forgot to work WITH the children.  As I relate to this as a leader, I think are we so busy working on the policies and procedures for the business that we forget to work with the people on the front line of the business?  The workers, in my case the sales team.  As leaders it is important to not only work on the business, but to work IN the business.

What is your one word?
How will you make sure to work IN the business?

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