P90X Graduate

We did it!  We finished 90 days of P90X!  In spite of turkey temptations at Thanksgiving and tantalizing tiramisu at Christmas (not very traditional, but we love it) and bountiful bubbles at New Years we stuck to it and finished the entire 90 days of extreme workouts. 

Wow!  Looking back I remember the first week and not being able to do even one wide arm pull up.  I can still only do 3 or 4, but each one is a self gratifying moment of glory.  There is an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment going through this program. 

Here’s what I found to be ultra rewarding:

  • being good 90% of the time and cheating 10%
  • realizing I needed to eat MORE calories every day
  • metamorphosing from extremely tired to extremely energized
  • doing crane for the first time if only for a second or two
  • looking in the mirror and watching the physical transformation
  • improving my running time (I even took first place in my age group for a 5k)
  • being able to choose any dress I wanted for the holiday parties
  • getting in the best physical shape in my life in my 40’s
  • living regret free

There’s no satisfaction like self satisfaction! 

If  you are considering doing P90X give me a shout ltmarathongirl@workingmomsontherun.com   

My results:

  • defined muscle tone
  • stronger core
  • increased endurance (and I have run 5 marathons previous to this program)
  • flexibility that I had no idea I had
  • increased balance (still a challenge, but I started with none)
  • better running times
  • better mood (love those workout endorphins) 
  • better eating habits
  • better organization (there’s a lot of planning involved to make sure you get your workouts in)

Are you looking to improve your health in 2013?  What steps are you taking?

‎101 Three-Word Success Tips

A colleague of mine recently posted this in a New Year / New You accountability group on Facebook and I found it so simple and at the same time so powerful that I wanted to pay it forward.

‎101 Three-Word Success Tips 

1.Drink more water.
2.Watch less TV.
3.Action makes traction.

4.Try new things.
5.Hang in there.
6.Get better daily.
7.Begin with enthusiasm.
8.Finish with flair.
9.Celebrate small wins.
10.Eliminate wasted steps.
11.Aim higher sooner.
12.Never stop learning.

13.Start fresh today.
14.Write that letter.
15.Practice deep listening.
16.Pay yourself first.
17.Seize the day.
18.Cashflow is king.
19.Life is good.
20.Eat more vegetables.
21.Thank your Mom.

22.Make others shine.
23.Ask me anything.
24.Think WAY bigger.
25.Focus your energies.
26.Now beats later.
27.Tweet more often.
28.Zig don’t zag.
29.Marketing comes first.
30.Hug your kids.
31.Content before commerce.
32.Never sell alone.
33.Don’t get distracted.
34.Always ask “Why?”
35.Amp it up!
36.How doesn’t matter.
37.Invite and engage.
38.You’re already there.
39.Make silly faces.
40.Get off email.
41.See the sunrise.
42.Simplify, eliminate, outsource.
43.Kiss your dog.

44.Fascinate to dominate.
45.Write it down.
46.Keep on truckin’!
47.Love your clients.
48.Ask for help.
49.Value follows fee.
50.Never give up.
51.Decide, organize, act.
52.Sharpen your edge.
53.Lose some weight.
54.Hammer it out.
55.Doodle more often.
56.Drink hot coffee.
57.Expand your circles.
58.Consider crazy alternatives.
59.Chinese food rocks!
60.Use beautiful things.
61.Not so fast.
62.Get a massage.
63.Unlock, unblock, unleash
64.Go for no.
65.Blow ’em away.
66.More chocolate, please.
67.Fill your buckets.
68.Don’t shy away.
69.Give more generously.
70.Don’t be scared.
71.Freshen it up.
72.Go play outside.
73.Thank your heroes.
74.Respond, don’t react.
75.Sing real loud.
76.Schedule “me” time.
77.Bake a cake.
78.Live the dream.
79.Invest in yourself.
80.Fall in love.
81.Seek the truth.
82.Avoid the obvious.
83.Laminate your kudos.
84.Birds gotta fly.
85.Fish gotta swim.
86.Potential ain’t performance.
87.Relationships are perishable.
88.Kill your television.

89.Make that call.
90.Hire the weirdo.
91.Speak more honestly.
92.Track your progress.
93.Decisions drive momentum.
94.Take notes everywhere.
95.Look further ahead.
96.Stop playing small.
97.Sell the dream.
98.Deliver the goods.
99.Never shortchange yourself.
100.You’re so ready.
101.DO IT. Now!

For those who want to dig deeper here is a great article; 50 Life Secrets

Lessons From the Rise of the Guardians

I know, I know . . . who goes to an animated film and looks for the business lesson?  Me, me, me, me.  As a parent and as a business leader I could kiss the producers of these fabulous children’s movies.  They are captivating, entertaining, enjoyable for all ages, and, if you pay attention there are great lessons in them.

A Bug’s Life – never give up on your inventions.
Meet the Robinsons – never give up on yourself.
Even Shrek- look for the inner beauty.
Robots, is one of my all time favorites – “find a need; fill a need”.  Look for what the world needs, what is missing or needs to be complete and fill the need.  If we all looked for just one need to be filled, it can be as simple as picking up the little piece of trash instead of walking past it, imagine the sense of accomplishment we would all carry with us.

We decided to start a new tradition this Christmas and we joined millions of people at the movie theater.  Who knew so many people enjoyed movies Christmas day and where were the Walmart people screaming that theater employees have to work on the holiday (we’ll save that for another discussion).

We chose Rise of the Guardians.

Super movie with two great lessons.  Earlier this week I posted that one step to reaching your goals is to find your “why”.  Your purpose for wanting to achieve your goal. In the movie each of the Guardians is driven to keep doing what they do by their why.  North, who we would call Santa Claus, is driven by wonder. He is trying to convince Jack Frost that he is destined to be a Guardian and urges him to search for his why so that he can understand his destiny.  Jon Gordon recently published a book “One Word That Will Change Your Life”.  If you can get your “why” described in one word you will find more success in achieving your goals.  With business goals, financial goals, fitness goals, personal goals; you will find it to be easier to stick to your plan if you are driven by your one word.

Here was the second lesson.  This one really struck me.  In the clip from the movie attached you see a brief moment when the guardians face a child.  Their job, their purpose, is to protect all children on Earth yet when they meet this little girl they don’t know what to do with her.  They have found that they were so busy working for the children that they forgot to work WITH the children.  As I relate to this as a leader, I think are we so busy working on the policies and procedures for the business that we forget to work with the people on the front line of the business?  The workers, in my case the sales team.  As leaders it is important to not only work on the business, but to work IN the business.

What is your one word?
How will you make sure to work IN the business?

P90X 60 Day Results

60 days down; only 30 to go.

I’ve talked to a lot of people who have tried P90X, but didn’t make it the entire 90 days.  I don’t want to bust on my friends, but
why not finish what you started? For me, the results I have achieved so far are all I need to keep going, but here’s some tips for sticking out any program you start in 2013.

  1.  Define your personal goal.  Your goal should not be the program. It should be what you want from the program.  If you go in with the plan to “do a xx day exercise program or go on xx diet” it won’t be enough to get you to the end.  It should be lose xx pounds by xx/xx/xxxx or lose 3″ around my waist by Easter. 
  2.  Inspire yourself. What is your “why”?  Do you want to look better, feel better, have more energy, rock a bikini….  Your why is what is going to help you stay the course. When you feel like hitting snooze instead of waking up to work out or when you feel like you may want to go through the drive thru instead of making a healthier choice thinking about your why, your purpose, will keep you on the right track. 
  3.  Put it in writing. Write your down your goal and three things you will do to execute your goal.  Example:  if your goal is to lose 5 pounds by March 1st and your “why” is to have more energy to play with the kids on your days off then your 3 things may include things like:  pack my lunch for work days the night before, don’t buy junk food at the grocery store, cut out all soda and sugary drinks. 
  4.  Keep a log.  I love the P90X app.  I record my workouts each day.  I record what I eat daily in my nutrition journal, and I record my measurements. This helps me decide if what I am doing is working or if I have to adjust. 
  5.  Celebrate milestones. Don’t wait for all 10 pounds to come off to celebrate. Celebrate the first pound, then the first two pounds. Cheer from the mountain top when you get the first five gone.  Keep yourself internally motivated. 
What I learned the next 30 days of P90X. 

  1.  Once you can do something for 30 seconds you can do it for 60. 

  2.  They make wide arm pull ups look too easy in Skyfall. 
  3.  If my 8 year old can do crane then I can too.  I just have to stop thinking so much and just do it. 
  4.  I hate recording snacks in the nutrition journal enough to help me cut them out completely.
  5.  Working out with your partner makes it so much better. 
  6.  Sodium is as bad, bad, bad.  Just as bad as sugar.
  7.  You only have to be good 90% of the time. Allow yourself a little latitude and you will enjoy it more.

Guilt has very quick ears to an accusation.
Henry Fielding
(1707-1754) Discuss

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