Give yourself a gift this year.  Start the year fast and focused by joining our biggest loser contest.  The contest will start the second Monday of January which will be the 14th. This will give you a little time to work out your plan. It will be a 90 day challenge
with a $20 buy in so that you have some skin in the game. You can choose an exercise program of your choice (we need to approve it) and a nutrition program of your choice (Again, this needs to be approved too, no liquid diets or anything crazy.  What is the point of great results if you don’t physically feel good after accomplishing them and can’t sustain them?). 
There are 3 simple requirements:
1) A $20 buy in
2) Approved health and wellness plan
3) Must sign up for a free Beachbody account. 

I will walk you through all 3 simple steps.  You do not need to buy anything (except the admission fee).

Here’s the details:

  • The entire entry fee will be paid to the first and second place winners of the contest (75% to first place, 25% to second) .
  • January 14th is weigh in day.  You will take a picture of your weight on the scale and post it to our private Facebook group.
  • Every Monday following will be weigh in day.
  • We will post the leader board every week.
  • Who ever loses the most amount of weight (by % of body weight) will be crowned the winner and given 75% of the overall prize money.
  • Second place will then win 25% of the prize money.
  • This challenge will last ninety days.

If you are interested email me at .

If you want a leg up or want some help I can help you select a workout program, a nutrition plan, or even a supplement program to give yourself a comprehensive inner-body tune-up.

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