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8 mile run
4 mile run
3 mile run

All of the training: getting up at 5:00 am, running in the dark, rainy days, dodging lightning, and beating off the bugs feasting on sweaty arms, shoulders, and legs is coming to an end.  I’ve got my eye on the prize.  I know I have done the ground work for a great race.

Preparing for a marathon is a great formula that can be applied to any goal you want to achieve.  These eight steps will work fantastically for career goals, exercise and diet goals, finance goals, and anything you can dream up.

     Eight for Excellence

  1. Decide on the goal – run a marathon
  2. Commit to the goal – sign up for the event
  3. Plan the steps to achieve your goal – get a training schedule
  4. Outline the steps specifically – map your runs
  5. Do the hard work – don’t skip any runs
  6. Focus on the goal  – celebrate small wins, but don’t get complacent or coast.  Keep at it!
  7. Avoid distractions and deterrents – make a list of temptations that you need to avoid and STAY AWAY from them
  8. Succeed– run your race

What is your next big goal? 

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