People Power Pushes Potential

We all know that to commit to a goal we should:

  • write it down
  • put it where it is visible
  • share it with people who will help us stick to it

Here’s what I learned yesterday.  There is even more power in sharing your progress in attaining your goal.  I am certain that it matters who you choose to share the progress with.  Only pick the people closest to you who you know really really really want you to succeed.

Here’s how it works in action.  My husband has run 4 marathons with me, but decided he didn’t want to do one this fall.  I shared with him my goal of running it and all of my hard work that went into training.  Each and every time I went further or faster I gave him a celebratory update. 

The day before the race I decided that I would run with a pace team for the first time.  At the expo they were all lined up.  The teams were named after celebrities with those finishing times.  4:29, Team Oprah – you know you want to beat her time.  Yes, my goal was to beat my PB of 4:22.  4:14 P-Diddy Pacers.  This was a natural for me.  Right where I should fit in.  I would be thrilled to beat my best by 8 minutes!!!

Then I saw the 3:56 team, Will Ferrell’s sub 4’s, and got to thinking.  I know I can do 1:58 the first half, it’s just the second half that will be tough. I think that if I stick with this team I will for sure beat 4:22.

Race morning I had second thoughts.  I wasn’t confident that I could keep the pace and I didn’t want to cross the finish line behind team Oprah with a 3:56 pace goal plastered on my back.  This is where sharing my progress paid off.  My family wouldn’t want me to either, but they new how much training went into this event.  My husband looked at my bib, number 1356 and pointed out that I aready had 356 on the front. Definitely a sign.  Hesistantly, I asked my daughter to pin the pace goal to my shirt.

Running with a pace team was one of my best decisions.  They were fabulous!  Upbeat, helpful, consistent, chatty.  Encouraging, but not over the top or aggressive.  Their just in time advice guided me to bananas and pickle juice mid race.  I focused on this amazing team instead of how hard the run was and kept going. 

I didn’t keep up in the second half, but knowing that I was going to beat my best kept me going.  The power of people pushed me to a new personal best of 4:03.  If I had run with team PDiddy I would have been successful, but wouldn’t have pushed to my potential.  Sharing my goal and my progress forced me to work to my peak performance.

Share your goals with as many people as possible to push yourself to commit.  Share your progress with the people closest to you and go further than you thought possible.

Eight for Excellence

My week

8 mile run
4 mile run
3 mile run

All of the training: getting up at 5:00 am, running in the dark, rainy days, dodging lightning, and beating off the bugs feasting on sweaty arms, shoulders, and legs is coming to an end.  I’ve got my eye on the prize.  I know I have done the ground work for a great race.

Preparing for a marathon is a great formula that can be applied to any goal you want to achieve.  These eight steps will work fantastically for career goals, exercise and diet goals, finance goals, and anything you can dream up.

     Eight for Excellence

  1. Decide on the goal – run a marathon
  2. Commit to the goal – sign up for the event
  3. Plan the steps to achieve your goal – get a training schedule
  4. Outline the steps specifically – map your runs
  5. Do the hard work – don’t skip any runs
  6. Focus on the goal  – celebrate small wins, but don’t get complacent or coast.  Keep at it!
  7. Avoid distractions and deterrents – make a list of temptations that you need to avoid and STAY AWAY from them
  8. Succeed– run your race

What is your next big goal? 


What kind of day are you going to have today?  If you get an early enough start on it you can have any kind of day you want.  It’s a choice.  Choose early what you expect your day to be and then apply focus to it and you will get that day.  Without choice and focus you will get what you get.

It is simple, but it’s not easy.

My Tuesday:
-productive at work, complete presentation for conference
-make healthy eating choices
-quality family time after work

I’ve chosen; now all I have to do is focus on my choices and be disciplined enough to stay the course.  Now that I have chosen to run today I just have to do it.  Now that I have chosen to eat well I just have to focus on this goal when treats appear.  Had I not chosen to eat well today it would be too easy to succumb to temptation.  This makes sense right?

People spend more time planning out their grocery list than they spend planning their life. 

What day do you choose to have?

Success Leaves Clues

During a recent personal development event I connected with several successful individuals. That evening I logged on to my social media sites and took the connections 1 step further to try and make them last.  After I searched for the names of my new contacts I went back and took a look at their profiles. I found we had more than career success in common. In the short blurbs describing their profile every single one included fitness. They read:  runner, fitness pro, athlete, yoga instructor. Not just some; all of them. 

On the flip side I am a member of a few groups for runners. When a comment peaks my interest I usually check out the author.  Guess what I find . . .  CEO, VP, Director, owner.
It’s gotta be more than coincidence. Success leaves clues. 

Law of 5

I joined a fantastic webinar last night hosted by John Maxwell.  You may have seen some of the excerpts I tweeted #15lawsofgrowth.  I can’t wait to go pick up this book, but I don’t have to wait until I read it to get started.  John shared several of the laws and the one that struck a cord with me was the Law of 5’s. Here’s a link to his book. 

What 5 things do you need to do every day to reach your goals? To achieve your dreams?  To grow?

It makes sense, right?  To commit to 5 things done daily, as long as they aren’t Words With Friends and Bejeweled Blitz, should lead to consistency and consistency leads to achievement and achievement leads to growth. whew!

I am working on my 5.  Here is what I have so far:

  1. Run (no surprises there)
  2. Read
  3. Write
  4. Connect

I am stuck on number 5.  Any suggestions?
What are your 5?

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