When we were kids we didn’t get to decide what went on our plate.  If mom was serving something we didnt’ like we had to have a “no thank you helping”. Peas; yuck! Tomatoes; yuck! Beets; yuck!  (My mom never really served beets, but I mistaked them for canned cranberry sauce at a dinner party and put them on my plate and she made me eat them.)

Over the years I’ve sort of kept in the habit of trying the things that I thought I didn’t like.  Peas; love them.  Tomatoes; love them.  Beets; yuck!

How do you know unless you try?  And if you tried and once and didn’t like it, maybe you’ll like it now.  Open yourself up to new experiences.  Try new things.  Try old things over again.  We went boating on the 4th of July.  I have proclaimed in the past that I am not a boat person.  Guess what, loved it.   I wouldn’t know if I didn’t try.

Sunday, I ordered a greek salad, and when it was served I made sure to eat a beet (still yuck).  What new thing will you try?

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