We had just returned to the car with a cart full of groceries and my liftgate wouldn’t open.  I tried the remote, then the handle, and then I opened the driver side door and tried the button.  No go.  I looked at my daughter and said “thank goodness we weren’t at Costco”.  Since it was just the two of us it was no problem to stuff the bags in the backseat and head for home.
Weeks ago this would have been a disaster.  I would be pouting for days complaining about how inconvenient it would be to go to the dealer to get it fixed. Ah, but this is not for me.  I have found the Power of Home Depot.    Ever since buying a table saw my mantra has been 
                 I Can Do Anything!
For the first time what would have been a do-not-attempt-this-at-home moment was an I can do anything moment.  I didn’t even consider taking my car anywhere for help.  I have found the power to try and do things on my own by starting one DIY project.  I don’t even have the project complete yet, but just the fact that I am doing it starting has been my source of self-empowerment.
Try something new.  See what else it leads to.  
Where do you get your confidence?

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