Start off your meal with a bang. Here’s a great recipe to “impress with less” that I adopted from a salad we had while in San Antonio. This is super easy to make, with only 6 ingredients, and has a lot to talk about.

Layer on a salad plate in order.
Per serving:
1-2 cups mixed greens
1 small handful pecans
4 grapefruit wedges
Several julienned strips of Manchego
Marzetti’s light Honey French dressing
Top with 1/8 cup bean sprouts

The French dressing and grapefruit is just magical together, but the real magic comes in the dinner conversation it provokes. It’s all about the cheese. Manchego comes from La Mancha Spain. Check out Linda Eder singing Man From La Mancha

Lots of brass and amazing vocals. Wow! I love this song. I have listened to her CD “It’s Time” over and over and over . . .What else, or should I say who else, comes from La Mancha? Don Quixote.

Love, seduction, chivalry and wit; what more could you want? How about windmills? There’s two ways to take the conversation from here. You can go traditional Don Quixote and discuss fighting your imaginary enemies (did you watch Raising Hope this week with the imaginary spiders?) or take a modern approach and discuss wind power being converted to wind energy. Don’t Forget your dinner is still in the oven while you’re having too much fun with the salad course.

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