Preserve the legacy; any legacy.  Resist the temptation for below the line behavior on an easy mark,
someone who is no longer here to defend them self, and create the memory that they would want. 

Last night VH1 was playing Michael Jackson’s rehearsals for the tour he was planning before his death.  I was 13 years old when Thriller came out.  I was glued to the TV.  I knew every time the video would be played on MTV and I would watch it as much as I could.  Me and my girlfriends would dance our silly zombie dance and giggle. We couldn’t get enough of Michael.

We wore felt hats to school.  We wore one glove and tried to moonwalk.  Our bedroom walls were plastered with posters, much to our parents displeasure.  Thriller would play back to back for hours on Sunday afternoons.  We were too young to know the Jackson 5, but we loved Michael.  He was a legend.

With almost every new movie being released in 3D and the capability of having a 3D television in your own home; it is hard to describe the boundaries that were broken with the Thriller album, especially the video of the title track.  My daughter is 13 years old today.  The only Michael Jackson she knows is the one in the controversial trial.  The recluse with the strange white skin who died at a very early age.  I can change that for her, but only somewhat.  I can show her the videos and describe the era.  I can’t undo the technology that she knows today and give her the sense of awe that we had in 1984, but through my energetic depictions she can sense that this was no ordinary performer. 

I can also teach her to make the most out of every day.  I was reminded of this twice this week.  Michael’s VH1 special and the loss of a co-worker.  Here’s some tips to help you make the most out of your day:
1) Be where you are.  Be engaged in what you are doing and don’t allow distractions or multi-tasking.
2) Don’t try to do too much.  Pick the one thing that you really really really want to do and do it well.
3) Get your heart rate up.  The endorphins released with exercise boost your mood, your immune system, and your sex drive.
4) Reflect on your day.  What went well.  What could have been better.  What is the most important thing you want to do tomorrow.
5) Get a great night’s sleep.  Tomorrow is going to be fantastic.  You want to be ready for it.

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