Ugh!  Skinny dress season. There is something entirely wrong with putting all of these parties right in the middle of the best holidays for foodies.  All of those delicious treats that we want to indulge on when we know in the back of our minds that next week we have to put on that dress.  How are you going to get into that dress if you eat this?

Here are my skinny dress season tips:
-Run every day.  At least walk.
-Drink lots of water.  Keep a bottle with you.
-Have at least a little bit of that treat you want.  Don’t deprive yourself; it will only cause you to binge and over eat.
-Drink green tea.  It has lot’s of health benefits including weight loss.
-Read labels and watch for sugar content.  You’d be surprised which healthy things (like Vitamin Water) are loaded with sugar.
-Stay away from fruity cocktails.  They may be yummy, but there’s 2 problems.  First, they are highly addictive, and second they have way too much sugar which packs on the pounds.
-Out of sight out of mind.  Don’t have junk food in the house.
-Cook once; eat many times.  Always have extra healthy snacks on hand.  If you are making a salad cut up extra celery and carrot sticks for a snack later.
-If you need dressing find one made with yogurt.  My favorite is Bolthouse Farms ranch @ 45 calories for 2 TBSP you can indulge.

Guys, these work for you too.  Don’t rely on those suspenders.

What are your holiday party tricks?

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