After my last post I have been thinking a lot about what Labor Day means to me.  We just drove back from Rochester, NY where my husband got inducted into the DCA Hall of Fame.  We are so super proud of him.  Actually, I am so super proud of the entire family.  Our kids were champions on this trip. To make the drive more tolerable we listened to the Blue Collar Comedy Network on XM radio and laughed the whole way home. Every break they would say “celebrate Labor Day”.  I don’t know too many people who actually “celebrate” this holiday.  It does mark the start and the end to many things. 
I am not really concerned about whether or not to wear white after Labor Day and I am not the hugest football fan out there (except for Spartan Football and we all know that is just for the Spartan Marching Band – Hooah!). 
Can you find me?
What I love about the day is that Labor Day is a busy busy day at work.  I love the high energy of our holiday sale days.  Since we have decided not to participate in the recession work is much more fun.  It is amazing what a change in attitude can do for your results.  You should try it.
Labor Day means that tomorrow the kids go back to school and back to school means that I get to get back on course for Schmonday or T’Wednesday in my case.
Speaking of courses; it’s closing in on marathon time (6 weeks until Detroit) which means lots of long runs on Sundays.  Finding courses that make the distance seem shorter is a challenge.  Two weeks ago Chris and I decided that we would get our 16 miler in by running our subdivision loop – 10 times.  That was brutal.  We will have to be much more creative for the upcoming 18 and 20 mile runs.
Here is what I can really tie to the day . . . Labor Day means it is time to say goodbye to Oberon and hello to Oktoberfest.
Here was how my last week of training went:
5 miles
30 minutes strength training
10 miles – this is the perfect distance from our house.  The course is a perfect mix of asphalt, dirt roads, and challenging trails.
5 miles
5 miles
No running in Rochester this weekend.  The rest will do us good for the 18 miler coming up this weekend.
We had planned to stop at the Cheesecake Factory on the way home, but since we had such a late breakfast we decided to do a fly by.  Knowing that we had planned for an amazing meal we had to find a way to top it so we sought out a Michael Symon’s (Iron Chef) restaurant.  Boy were we surprised to find out that he has burger joints; B Spot.  This was perfect since we weren’t really dressed for Lola’s anyway and because we are such huge fans of his restaurant in Detroit, Roast, we knew we were in for something amazing.  B Spot did not let us down.  I had the Lola burger paired up with his rosemary fries, oh yeah, and some onion rings too.  If you are in the Cleveland area you definitely have to try it.

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