OK, I am back in it.  I found my running chops again.  If it’s true that it takes 3 weeks to make a behavior a habit then I’m there and then some.  I’ve logged 30 miles for 5 consecutive weeks.  Woot woot.

1.6 miles Perfect mommy/daughter time.
20 minutes abs

5 miles

5k  Car butt prevented any distance today.  I took my daughter to camp today and couldn’t do much more. In fact, I was kind of peer-pressured by my husband to get up and go.  It made the Bagger Dave’s oh that much better and I treated myself to a couple of Dirty B’s.  Not so great for the run the next day . . .

5 miles in a downpour.  It wasn’t a downpour when I started.  It was just a sprinkle, but after a mile you’re soaked anyway so why not just go for it?  What the heck.  It feels amazing.  In fact you feel like you can conquer the world.

I sat this one out because there was lightning.  I know.  What a wuss. 

5 miles

12 miles in the metropark.  Public parks, especially in SE Michigan, are great places to get in a run.  I love that they are more challenging and offer trails. 
9 holes of golf (more like lawn golf, but still fun)

I’m bummed that I didn’t get in any weights this week.  I like to try to get in a day or two.  There’s always next week/

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