It’s easy to stress about about little things, especially when those little things are money. My friend just posted a sign with gas prices at nearly $4.20. Ouch! Last week I had to send a check to the IRS and it still has me bummed out and I can still remember the days of adding up each item as I placed it in the grocery cart to make sure that I had enough money when I got to the checkout.
Here’s a link to a video to remind us that it’s not money that makes us happy; it’s how we see the world. Our attitude towards life and what we do is what makes us happy. Not the paycheck at the end of the week. If you are not happy in your job then don’t stay there. Good people will always find work. I always tell people who hate their jobs “no judge convicted you to a life sentence of working where you do. If you are unhappy then work someplace else.”
Here I go with the lists again, but they really work. Write down everything today that makes you smile. Keep your list handy for when you are having a tough day.

Click the link below

Simple Truths – We Hope You Enjoyed the movie!

What did you put on your list?

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