It is another beautiful day for running today. I got in 7 miles of street and trails with my awesome hubby who noticed too late that I forgot my iPod. Oh man. No tunes. What I am going to do? Math. Most of you think I am crazy for running so much anyway so why not add fuel to the fire and admit to doing math while running?

Have any of you received that email from someone who thought that they were a genius when really not so much? I’m talking about the one that goes:

This is really cool

Take the year you were born

Now add your age

Wow, did you get 2011

It’s amazing; it works for everyone – DUH! Your age plus the year you were born is ALWAYS the current year.

Here was another email guy who was not so smart:

Take the last two digits of the year you were born

Now add your age – for everyone it is 111 = amazing.

WRONG; brainiac. It only works through 1999.

It is pretty cool that there is a 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, and 11/11/11 this year. It’s also pretty cool that 2011 is a prime number. My son just turned 7, which is also prime. My daughter will be 13, another prime number and even scarier; a teenager. I am also turning the prime age of 41 this year. My husband isn’t hitting a prime digit this year, but he is hitting a beautifully obscure number, 54. It’s even. It’s also divisible by 3 and it was Mike Peplowki’s jersey number at MSU. Good thing he never scored 20 points at a home game. (you’ll have to ask a Spartan baritone the relevance of that).

OK, so lots of senseless thinking going on during today’s run, but the point is get out and do it. It will give you more energy. It gets your brain clear and working. You can be guilt free when you dip into your kids Easter baskets. Even though it hurts when you’re doing it you will feel much better afterwards both mentally and physically.

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