It’s a brand new day and it’s all about choices. Is it going to be a good day? You choose. Are you going to be happy today? You choose. Are you going to have good relationships today? You choose.

The world is not standing still. It is in constant motion. We are in constant motion too. Our motion is decided by our choices. We move either forward or back; up or down. We either choose to get healthier or we choose to indulge in bad habits. We either choose to spend our time reading and educating ourselves to remain relevant and valuable or we become irrelevant. Our good choices move us forward or up and poor choices put us in reverse, and if we think we are not moving at all by choosing to do nothing, then chances are pretty good that we are moving in reverse.

How do you keep on track and make the right choices? By having a plan, or better yet by having a personal mission statement. Write down all of the words you want to be described as. Don’t choose words because they sound positive and really good. Pick ones that mean something to you.




Passion . . .

Now write down roles that are important to you such as: spouse, leader, partner, and goals that you want to accomplish. Once you have your lists completed start to formulate statements about how you will behave in accordance to these descriptions. Sentences will usually start with “I will . . .”.

“I will be a leader in my community.”

“I will not compromise my integrity.”

You may only have one sentence, which is fine. Stephen Covey’s mission statement is “To live. To love. To learn. To leave a legacy.” Simple, but powerful if you truly make your decisions to live up to it.

Now that you have a personal mission statement when you are faced with choices you have a roadmap to help you choose wisely. What choices are you facing?

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