Recently I changed positions at work and I found that I had a real difficult time adjusting. I went from being in the field to being split between field time and office time and I was not enjoying it. In fact, although this was a move in the right direction for me, I felt like someone had let the air out of my tires. Instead of waking up on Monday mornings energized and looking forward to the people I would be interacting with I woke up dreading the day and the solitude.

As with most job changes when one person moves it causes a chain effect and many people in our organization moved into new roles at the same time I did. One person reached out looking for advice on how to adapt to his new situation. As usual, what I found in giving him advice is that I wasn’t practicing what I preach. I wasn’t living up to my own expectations. I was talking the talking, but certainly not walking the walk. Why wasn’t I enjoying work? I wasn’t making it enjoyable. It’s not the new role that wasn’t enjoyable. It wasn’t working in the office that wasn’t enjoyable. It was me! I wasn’t enjoyable. I forgot that part of my job, part of all of our jobs, is to make it fun.
Work is fun. This is true no matter what you do and what company you work for. Work is fun when you make it fun. The key word in that sentence is YOU. Don’t wait for someone else to make it fun for you. You will be waiting a long time and will be disappointed in the wait. I guarantee that when people see you having a good time they will get on board and start having more fun too. Pretty soon you will have an epidemic where everyone enjoys coming to work and those who won’t get on board will probably eventually feel like they don’t fit in and find someplace else to work. It sounds too simple, but I’ve seen it happen where I work. I know that it can happen where you work too.

What do you do to have fun at work?

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