OK, so in my last post I mentioned that it is all our own responsible to make our own workplace fun. I am re-reading a fabulous Jon Gordon book called The Energy Bus. One of the points he makes in the book is that more people die Monday morning at 9:00 than any other day or time because people would rather die than go to work. OK, so I wasn’t this bad and I am sure that you’re not either, but what can we do to make work fun? Usually the best things are the most simple. Here’s a few that anyone can do.

  1. Start with a smile. In fact start with a smile campaign. Post smilies all over and see how people react.
  2. Who doesn’t love food? Host a potluck or a themed event like build a taco or spaghetti day and see how creative people can be. My husband decided to have fun at work today by bringing in an enormous pot of sausage and peppers. He is going to be a hero AND he is going to have a fun day.
  3. If you don’t have a strict dress code then have a fun t-shirt (no profanity) contest or have everyone wear red Tuesday.
  4. Pick a commonly used word and try to ban it. Give everyone 3 poker chips that you have to give up to the person who catches you using the banned word. The person at the end of the day with the most chips wins.
  5. Play off of a holiday or event. St. Patty’s is next. Pass out shamrocks and have everyone decorate them.
  6. Do you have pictures of your co-workers? Jibjab.com takes their photos and makes funny videos. It’s easy and will get everyone roaring. Make sure to include yourself in the video so your co-workers don’t feel that you were out to get them.

Are you worried about what your boss will think? None of the above suggestions should cause any harm. Here’ my philosophy on initiating anything new; always ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Who can dispute positive results?


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