Hiring is on of the most difficult tasks and one of the most important to the overall organization that leaders undertake. Make the right choice and it’s smooth sailing. Make a wrong choice and whew look out. What makes it so difficult is that you are always seeing someone at their absolute best during an interview. Trust me. They won’t ever be better or even as good as they are that day. For example if confidence is important in the role you are hiring for and the candidate seems nervous during the interview do not write it off as interview jitters. You are seeing their best. They are not the confident candidate you desire.
How to help yourself from making a mistake. Make a magic wand list. If you had a magic wand and could make the perfect person for the job appear what would that look like? What characteristics would they have? Take your time in the interview process and look for the candidate who has them all. Be patient and do not settle. You will find that perfect person. They are out there. What I have found is that when I go against my gut not only does it take longer than I’d like to reverse the situation. Enduring the wrong fit is excruciatingly painful. It is much better to go with your gut and turn down an OK candidate then to have to go through fixing the problem later.

Here is what HBR has to say about hiring for attitude (click the link)

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