As we say goodbye to 2010 it’s important to take an inventory of everything we learned over the year to help us keep moving in a positive direction.  These are some of the things that I learned this year that I hope will help you. 

  1. 40 is the new 30.
  2. All things are possible for those who believe. Keep your thoughts positive and the results that follow will also be positive.
  3. Stairs are made for walking down not sliding down; unless your 4.
  4. Be open to learning. If you’re not getting smarter then you must be getting . . . dumber.
  5. Always do your best. It is not enough to be successful; strive for excellence.
  6. The zoo in Chicago is FREE. Too cool!
  7. Keep your eyes wide open. You never know when opportunity will appear.
  8. Reconnecting with friends on Facebook is great!
  9. Keep the pedal to the metal. There is no coasting!
  10. The sand dunes in Traverse City never get boring.
  11. We are all the CEO—Chief Energy Officer.
  12. What you do is more important than what you say.
  13. You had better execute or be prepared to be executed.
  14. To be successful do what successful people do.
  15. You must always be reinventing yourself.
  16. You only get what you ask for.
  17. Show gratitude. What you put out into the world you will get back in return.
  18. Practice makes perfect. Improve your skills just as an athlete or musician would; through practice.

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