This morning was the first snow-on-the-ground run of the season.  I was out early enough that the snow was still pristine.  Wisteria Way was still sleeping as I was deciding if it was going to be a 5k or 5m kind of day.
As I came around completing my first lap I saw the BIGGEST footprints ever in the snow.  It had to be Sasquatch.  No one has feet that big. I started to worry a little bit being the only one out and about and only having a little one pound flashlight for defense. What would I do if I ran into this giant?  Then I saw the newspaper carrier.  Phew!  At least if I ran into trouble she could hit Big Foot with her car and I could run away.
As I continued down the street on my second lap I realized that there weren’t tracks from my first trip around.  That’s when I realized that Big Foot was not making an appearance on Wisteria.  Those giant footprints were none other than my own size 9 1/2 Mizuno’s.  Relieved or bummed out I don’t know, but the moral of the story is – when you are running alone (ladies especially) be smart.
1) Run in well lit areas
2) Only run alone in areas you are familiar with.  Try new trails with a buddy.
3) Take a cell phone with you.  It make seem inconvenient as your gearing up, but you would rather have it if you need it.
4) Take pepper spray and/or a whistle

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