I was actually looking for a different video to write a  totally different message when I came across this one.  I love wit especially wit so cleverly disguised.  Click here to see it . . .  Pause

How many interesting perspectives did you see in the video?  Watch it again.  How many new views did you discover?

I recently had a conversation with a business acquaintance and she asked me how I was able to be so successful.  What could she do that I have done so that she could  move up in her career?  Here is the most simplest piece of advice that I could give anyone: be observant.  Keep your eyes open to the world and take it all in.  Pause, and look all around you.  By doing this you will find opportunities.  You will see needs that you can address that everyone else has somehow let pass by.  They don’t need to be giant things.  By just looking for little things every single day you will soon find out that you have made a huge difference.
Be relentless in your pursuit.  Don’t give up.  In Steve Job’s commencement address one of his major points is that one day you will be able to connect the dots.  You cannot connect them looking forward.  You can only connect them when you reflect on the past.  He is right and this applies to the power of observation too.  By keeping your eyes wide open you will come across things that may not be relevant now, but will be very necessary in the future.  Don’t miss the opportunity by closing your eyes.  Be observant.  Look for the simple things that everyone else is either missing or chooses to ignore.  There is power in observation, but only if you choose to pause and then choose to act on what you see.

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