What I have found is that if my Monday is great I am in for a terrific week.  How do you make sure you have a great Monday?  Make it great.  You are responsible for how your day turns out.  Here’s how you can make your day great.

1)  Make a list of everything you would like to accomplish.
2)  Pick the 6 biggest things on your list.  Go for quality over quantity.  If 3 will take you all week, then stick with 3 as long as they are the most important things on your list
3)  With uncompromising discipline stick to your list.
4)  Avoid distractions and these time wasters:
            -moving on to easier, but less important tasks
            -attempting too much at once. Complete one task then move on to the next.
            -inability to say “no”
            -lack of self discipline
            -personal disorganization

Try it out this week.  I believe you will feel better about your week and will enjoy your holiday weekend much more knowing that the “big” stuff has already been handled.

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