Still looking for a resolution for 2011?  How about happiness?  It seems to be a current trend with authors, CEO’s and magazine publishers.  Why not with you too?

First you have to decide what happiness is.  There are nearly 20,000 books with the word happy in the title inluding one written by the Dalai Lama, The Art Of Happiness.  So many people look to find happiness that one of Harvard’s psychology classes, taught by Dan Gilbert, on the subject was one of their most popular classes.  In our own history the search to be happy was so important it was included in the Declaration of Independence; “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Still, what is happiness?

“ says that happiness is good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.  Since good fortune is defined as a streak of luck many of us will only find temporary happiness with that one.  Pleasure is more on target being defined as enjoyment and gratification.  This is perhaps what we think of most when we think of being happy.

A friend of mine describes happiness as the good feelings found in experiences.  Since happiness is a state of mind if you focus on where you are right now and what you are doing then this has to be true.  Happiness is discovered in your experiences.  Think about a new purchase or gift that made you happy; a new car, a new outfit, a new watch.  How long did the good feelings last?  Now think about a really enjoyable experience you had.  Did it make you smile?  I bet it did.  Our experiences bring pleasure and joy; the core of happiness.

Now is the time to be happy.  Here’s to wishing you a pleasurable, enjoyable and happy 2011.

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