Don’t procrastinate!!!!  Yes, I should follow my own advice more often, but this one is a biggy.  If you don’t have any idea of what to resolve to change in 2011 procrastination may be your answer.

Think about this.  Every time you put something off until later one of two things happens.  Either it never happens or something else gets bumped back to make room for this and the chain continues. How many times have you said “I will go pick up that book tomorrow” or “I’ll start counting calories tomorrow” and it never happens?  How about postponing cleaning the house and now all of a sudden you have company coming and you have to rush to get it done in time?  To avoid procrastination follow the advice of Nike and Just Do It.  When the idea is fresh you are more committed to it.  Why not strike while the iron’s  hot?

One of the best tips I have seen is to find replacements for our resolutions to keep us on track.  Let’s say that someone recommends a book and you don’t procrastinate.  You run out and buy it immediately.  Now the problem is you have know idea when you are going to be able to read it.  Replace something else with reading time.  For instance if you want to read 30 minutes a day in 2011 replace 30 minutes of TV time with reading time.  We all have favorite TV shows that we don’t want to give up, but we all also get sucked in to watching the show after.  Resolve to turn the TV off.  If you want to lose weight find a healthy alternative that you love and every time you want to snack go for it instead of the chips.

Good luck with all of your goals for 2011 – and don’t wait.  Start now!!!!!

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