The next time you wonder if the little things matter remember this . . .
Teyba Erkesso won the 2010 Boston Marathon.  She beat Tatyana Pushkareva by 3 seconds.  (That is probably her in the top right hand corner of the picture).  We measure time mostly in days, hours or minutes.  We go on vacation in 8 days.  I have to work today for 8 hours.  I am going to exercise today for 30 minutes.  The little things we measure in seconds.  I am going to count to 3 and . . .
Second place for the Boston Marathon isn’t bad.  You earn $75,000.  First place EARNS DOUBLE.  3 little seconds were worth $75,000.
The 3rd place finisher beat 4th place by only one small second.  She earned $15,000 more.

Boston Marathon Winner

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