Here again is a reliable source, HBR Six Extras that Build Power and Leadership, saying that it is not so much what you do in your career that will get you promoted.  It is the people around you.  More importantly it is your relationship with those people around you that will get you noticed and take your career to the next level. 
It is more than skill, talent, and work ethic.  It is communication and connecting with those around you.  Influence is power.  If you are unable to connect with and influence those around you upper management will have a tough time seeing you in larger roles.
How do you know whhen you have connected?  John Maxwell has an outstanding book called Everyone Communicates Few Connect and he describes 9 ways to sense a connection:
-people will exert extra effort
-you will receive unsolicited appreciation
-trust is shown
-people open up and communicatee
-everyone feels good
-bonding is happening
-there is positive energy
-synergy grows
-they are accepting
How are your relationships with the people around you?  What can you do to make them better and connect?

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