Recently I booked Brian Tracy to speak for a group of top performers. Before the event I went to my local bookstore (yes, it is easier and more convenient to buy online, but I feel that we need to support these businesses and purchase at a store whenever I can) and bought up all of his books that were in stock.  At the checkout line the girl remarked “I should really read some sales books.  Everything in life is about selling”.  How profound.  Selling is about relationships, and influence, and communication.  It is about getting what you want from another individual or as the clerk said, life.
The five tips in the attached article will certainly help you make more sales, but it can also make your relationships better, your family better, and your work environment better. Not just customers like to be around happy people.  Everyone likes to be around happy people.  Don’t you?  How To Improve Your Retail Sales – Five Tips For Retail Sales Individuals

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