One of the best ways to stay on task and complete all of your goals is to make a list.  Once you have them all laid out in front of you it is easy to begin to tackle them.  The trap we commonly fall into is we go for quantity rather than quality when we work our list.  We pick the easy ones so that we can cross more off of our list and feel that we have accomplished more.  It makes us feel good.

The problem is that it leaves all of your difficult tasks to carry over to the next day, or worse, left terminally undone. It also means that you may feel slighted because you are working really hard and getting a lot done, but you are not receiving any recognition.

If you change your philosophy and go for the hard ones first, Brian Tracy calls this eating the ugly frogs first, then you begin to learn new skills, push yourself to new levels, and get the recognition you desire.  It takes determination and focus because you may not feel that you are getting things done fast enough or not getting enough done  You must resist sliding back into the quantity over quality trap. Eat that ugly frog first and climb the ladder to success.

Here is a quick overview of Brian’s book  Eat That Frog Movie Eat That Frog!

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