Luckily, I learned early enough that it’s not what you do that gets you recognized; it’s what the people around you do. If your team wins you win.  Those who lead with a “we” mentality rather than “I” get more out of people and get more in return.  When the team feels that they are part of something bigger than themselves they don’t want  to disappoint and will put in 100%.  When the team feels that the boss is going to take all of the recognition they don’t put forth as much effort.
Trust in people and empower them.  Guide them gently when they go in the wrong direction and celebrate loudly when they succeed. Enjoy watching what they become when they work to their full potential.
Here’s a  link to a Harvard Business Review blog on how focusing on the team helps you enjoy your work more.

 Avoid Burnout by Focusing on Your Team

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