It is no wonder Eileen Fisher has been so successful.  Her simplistic approach and value in people enabled her to take her total savings of $350 and turn it into a business she later sold to her employees for $300 million.

Many leaders try to keep themselves above the status quo by doing the exact opposite.  They over complicate everything in pursuit of proving they’re the top dog.  “No one else is as brilliant as I am and that is why I am at the top”.  In the meantime no one has a clear vision of their purpose because the message was so muddled and nothing gets done.  This is also where the leader starts to blame the team because they just don’t get their faulty leadership. They fear having strong people around them so they do not work to develop those beneath them.  While this will keep them in position a short time longer; if the people don’t grow the business can’t possibly grow. Inevitably it will end in their replacement.

Eileen’s strategy of; creating vision, inspiring, always working with integrity, helping people to grow and making work fun is a winner.  Her tips should be adopted by all who want to be their best.  Click this link to see the slide show and learn more.

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