Many people have written books on the power of our thoughts.  I just came across it again while reading a Brian Tracy book, 21 Great Ways to Become a Sales Superstar, “You become what you think about the most”.  If it were that simple then you would think that more people would think positive thoughts all of the time.  The problem is that you can’t see it as easily looking forward as you can looking back. 

All of the success in my life followed me thinking about those things.  I saw myself married to my awesome husband.  I saw myself as the first female Operations Manager for my company.  I saw myself finishing my first marathon.  You have to envision yourself getting or doing what you want in order to get the result you are looking for.  If you want to run you can run.  Just envision yourself as a runner.  If you want to get to the next level at work then envision yourself doing that job.  Be careful.  If you think about how badly your job stinks then you will go nowhere.  When you look back you will find that you are in life where you  thought about being.

“Man imposes his own limitations, don’t set any”
-Anthony Bailey

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