Gossip Kills Possibility   This link provides a good lesson for business and for life. 

Gossip kills productivity by wasting time, hurts relationships by breaking trust, and brings down moral because it is never positive.

Time.  No one has enough of it right? I could only do this if I had more time.  I would only begin to do that if I had more time.  If you look back at yesterday how much time could you have set aside to do these things if you didn’t break in the hallway to talk about coworkers, if you didn’t let a 2 minute phone conversation stray to idle chit chat, if you didn’t read useless emails that you received.  You probably would have found a good 30 minutes in your day or more.

Relationships.  When we  allow ourselves to be part of conversations about those who are not present not only is there the possibility of damaging that relationship if they were to find out, but how good can the relationship be with the people you are gossiping with?  If they know that you talk about people behind their backs then they will assume that you talk about them when they are not present too. 

Moral.  This week I had someone pop into my office for a few questions.  After about a minute of legitimate business she began to dump on about every person we work with.  Not only was the conversation exhausting to follow, it left me feeling really bummed out.  I wonder how many others she took out of their game that day.  I wonder what she said about me in the next office.  Hmmm.  Next time, I will know better and will immediately put an end to it.

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