Yikes!   Just when you think that you are doing something good for yourself you find out that your afternoon healthy snack has more sugar than a  pack of Pop Tarts.  That’s what happened to me when I opted for Vitamin Water out of the vending machine at work. ( I would have enjoyed the Pop Tarts much more.)

When looking for healthy alternatives in addition to checking out the calories and the fat grams make sure to look at the sugar content.  We all know that soda is on the do not drink list if you are trying to slim down.  The sugar content of most soft drinks is around 38 grams.  Did you know that most flavored yogurt has 71% of the sugar that is found in soda?  The problem with sugar is that if you don’t burn it off it turns into fat.  Not cool.  Neither is all of the marketing around 100 calorie snack packs, healthy drinks, and snack bars that are loaded with sugar.   The best alternative, stick to fruits and vegetables.  You won’t have to read a label and you won’t be tricked.

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