More from Brian Tracy. . . when Brian spoke to my group this week he said that there are 5 essential A’s


When you read through the list did you relate to how all of these things are important to you? It is important to feel accepted. It is important to feel the approval of ourselves and others. It is important to say “thank you” and show appreciation. Is there anyone out there you have been meaning to say “thank you” to, but haven’t yet?

Here is a moving video on appreciation . . .

Simple Truths – We Hope You Enjoyed the movie!

Meeting Brian Tracy

I had the fantastically unique opportunity this week to have dinner with Brian Tracy and then hear him speak the next day.  He is an extremely intelligent man who is an expert on what it takes to be successful.  For decades he has spoken to many people, over 5 million as a matter of fact, on how to get what whatever it is they want.
Here are a couple great things that he had to say to us:

“Successful people think about what they want and what they need to do to get it”.  Not very profound.  Not even a new idea, but what really really gets me is that if it is that easy why don’t more people do it?  Here’s why.  It is easier to be sucked in by the negative forces that pull us all down.  These forces of evil get in the way of us being successful.  Blame and entitlement are two of the strongest of these forces.  When we resist the pull and look to do the hard work on ourselves we can rise above and move ourselves to the next level.

“If you do what successful people do you can become successful”.  I see this one at work every day.  It baffles me why we don’t observe the differences between ourselves and those who are doing better than us and work to emulate them.  Those same evil forces pull us down.  Envy, jealousy, self deception all get in the way.  We even start to make up stories about them to make ourselves feel better when what we need to do is appreciate them and ask them for help. 

Resist the temptation to be pulled down.  It’s not easy to do, but it is the difference between being where you are now and becoming more successful.  Fight the evil pull of negativity and pull yourself above.  Rise to success.  What are the things you want?

50 MPH

Running in 50 MPH winds is like running in the swimming pool with the water over your head.

Day Off Oxymoron

Ah, a day off.
Is that the biggest oxymoron in a working mom’s life? Day off.  Funny, how much we look forward to them even though on most days off our chore list is so extensive there is no time for relaxing.

Here’s one way I make time out for myself on my days off.  I schedule the time I want to spend working on household items and then I plan at what time I am going to do them.  Then, I stick strictly to the plan.  This way I make sure that there is time for me. 

Moms/ dads how do you make sure to leave time for yourself on your days off?

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