Be Your Best

Talking to a friend yesterday I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes . . .
“It’s a much better strategy to improve your game then it is to defend it”.  What is your favorite quote?

No Complaining Zone

Don’t you hate listening to people complain?  They don’t realize that their complaining is a subtle, but damaging, form of negativity which is stressful and a waste of time.  Who needs more stress? The energy it sucks out of you may leave you not wanting to get out and run, do your job, or feed the kids.  Create a No Complaining Zone around you.  Here is a great book . . . The No Complaining Rule by Jon Gordon

Get Up and Run

The hardest part about running, for most people, is finding the time.  I find that as hard as it is to wake up in the morning and run it is much better to get up and do it then it is to be mad at yourself all day for not doing it.

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